Recycled Plastic

Recycled Plastic

Recycled Plastic


Manufactured from the highest grade recycled HDPE, our recycled plastic products have replaced many traditional materials, such as timber and steel for many different applications. Recycled plastic products are a great choice where sustainability and product performance, especially in harsh conditions are a concern. The product does not rot, split, rust or crack and can be manufactured in specific colours to meet a customers need or manufactured to a specific shape for a unique application.


SIS specialises in the design and manufacture of components that might traditionally be manufactured in other less sustainable materials. When a whole cost of life analysis is conducted on this material more often than not, it delivers the stakeholder a product that not only delivers the highest environmental credentials, but a more cost effective outcome over time.


Why use Recycled Plastic?

  • Cost effective alternative to traditional materials, such as steel and timber;
  • Less wear – reduce and eliminate wear on mating surfaces;
  • Higher performance – plastics have outperformed other materials as much as 2 – 20 times;
  • Abrasion flexibility – material formulated to handle various types of abrasion;
  • Lower lubrication and maintenance – can be eliminated or significantly reduced;
  • Reduced impact & vibration – eliminate structural damage due to shock, vibration, and impact;
  • Corrosion resistant – unaffected by most corrosive environments;
  • Improved safety – reduced injuries & claims – lighter than metals, easier to move around and handle.


Some of the many applications where our recycled plastic products are used in the industrial marketplace are cribbing, dunnage, equipment mats, pallets, platform boards, pipe supports and air conditioner pads. Industries that benefit greatly from converting components from traditional materials to recycled plastic, include marine, aquaculture, agriculture, oil and gas and mining.


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