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SIS has used our standard WPC and FRP range to develop ground breaking technology.  We are combining two different materials, WPC and either steel or FRP, to co-extrude a market leading multi-composite material that is manufactured in a continuous length manufacturing process. This has either a steel or FRP hollow core of any shape and an outer layer of WPC. If choosing FRP, the hollow core can also be filled with foaming agents of different density as per customer demand to for various compressive strength outcomes or reasons including vermin abatement. Although the FRP core is more expensive, it offers the stakeholder a WPC product with world leading strength and durability… When considering products such as decking, this new technology allows for clear spans never achieved before with a WPC product. With an outer WPC layer, it also removes the need for FRP to be painted for additional UV resistance in harsh conditions.

Standard Size Availability:

  • WPC 100mm x 50mm – Steel 50mm x 25mm x 3mm Thickness;
  • WPC 140mm x 40mm – Steel 100mm x 20mm x 3mm Thickness;
  • WPC 140mm x 90mm – Steel 150mm x 50mm x 3mm Thickness;
  • WPC 120mm x 120mm – Steel 90mm x 90mm x 3mm Thickness;
  • WPC 70mm Round – Steel 42mm ID, 2.5mm Thickness;
  • WPC 90mm Round – Steel 59mm ID, 2.5mm Thickness;
  • WPC 120mm Round – Steel 48mm ID, 2.5mm Thickness;
  • WPC 150mm Round – Steel 88mm ID, 3mm Thickness.

Colour Options: Copper Brown, Desert Red, Saddle Brown, Ash Grey. Other colour options available for orders of 7000kg or above. Two surface finishes are available: ‘Embossed’ and ‘Sanded’. Recommended lengths 5800mm, 2900mm and 1900mm (as best suited to steel insert). Minimum order quantities may apply. Enquire now or contact SIS customer service on or 1300 26 10 74 for further information.

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