Installation & Handover

Installation & Handover

Installation & Handover


Client demand for a ‘turnkey solution’ for their sustainable infrastructure needs has given rise to our installation division in recent years. You may choose SIS for just material manufacture and supply, or installation as well – the choice is yours.


SIS’s Installation team are well established, reputable and award-winning in Australia. We have acquired significant experience, undertaking a wide range of design and construction projects across Australia, including rural and remote locations. We provide a professional, quality service in commercial construction, with all works completed with integrity and professionalism.


SIS’s Installation team along with our Director of Civil Operations have completed hundreds of projects across Australia with values ranging from $300,000 to $6,000,000. This area of SIS has been growing steadily over the last six years to meet the growing demand of our diverse client base.


Having consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, quality and commitment to all works we undertake, SIS is trusted on an Australian national level to carry out an ever growing vareity of works requiring innovation and a sustainable outlook.


We understand the importance of meeting milestones and completion dates, and strive to achieve all agreed requirements. We are committed to building relationships with our clients, which has ensured our growth and an award-winning reputation as quality civil installation company.


When costing a project we not only consider the materials, manpower and equipment required, but the safety of personnel and visitors the site. A price cannot be put on injury or loss of life, which is why we invest considerable resources into ensuring the safety of everyone involved in our projects.


Our experience and broad skill-set give us the expertise required to complete challenges such as restricted time-frames and remote locations.


We have extensive experience in:

  • Construction only
  • Fixed lump sum contracts
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Design and Construction contracts


We have proven mobilisation capabilities and understand what is required to install in remote and rural locations, such as national parks. We select and build relationships with contractors that understand the complications involved in working outside of any metropolitan area.


We believe the key to building in remote and rural locations is sequential planning. During pre-construction, we conduct scheduling meetings with proven service contractors, including electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire, to discuss lead times and the methodology to transport materials and construct in a distant location.


Our team has successfully mobilised projects within one to one and half weeks, a rare feat in our industry, and have the proven know-how to deliver large-scale projects Australia wide.


Once the installation and any additional civil works has been completed, a formal handover process takes place between the client and our project manager. Unless an ongoing maintenance contract is held with SIS, this is the final stage of the project life-cycle in terms of delivery to the client.



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