SIS Congratulates Quickstep Holdings Limited

SIS congratulates Quickstep Holdings Limited on their receipt of funding for production of F-35 Lightning II countermeasure flare housings.

The F-35 Lightning II program is one of the World’s largest defence programs and this funding will be supplied by the defence industry sector of the US and Australian Governments. Not only is this approval of funding testament to the strength, durability and reliability of composite materials, but also to the growing recognition of these materials as being the future of infrastructure and production.

Here at SIS we are excited to see the application of composite materials being taken into this sphere and commend Quickstep on their innovation in doing so.

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SIS Delivers WPC / FRP Beach Access Staircase

Before and after the beach access staircase upgrade.

SIS is proud to have recently delivered a beach access staircase at Henley Beach for the City of Charles Sturt (SA). SIS were head contractors on the project and completed the design, engineering and installation.


The staircase is hybrid in nature, featuring Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Grating, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) posts and Stainless Steel Handrailing.


Projects in beach terrains offer challenges regarding anchorage points and ongoing concerns surrounding corrosion. The delivery of this project, despite these challenges, is a testament to the versatility and durability of composite products, as well as the SIS team.


The durability, in particular, of composite FRP & WPC products means that this staircase will be able to be used and enjoyed by the community for many decades to come.


Please do not hesitate to contact SIS and ask to speak with a structures manager for further information.





Recycled Plastic Asphalt Trial – Fulton Hogan

SIS wish to congratulate Fulton Hogan on their recent large-scale trial of incorporating recycled plastic into bitumen binder to make asphalt.


The trial section, conducted at Christchurch International Airport, was laid in late May 2018 and involved the use of used plastic oil containers, which would have otherwise been sent to landfill. Fulton Hogan reuses oil that they collect from businesses as an alternative fuel source. The plastic containers are shredded and granulated before being incorporated into the bitumen.


The plastic-bitumen asphalt created with these containers will be used for the loading of heavy vehicle traffic.


SIS’ product development team members have been working to incorporate recycled, post-consumer waste plastic into our products for over 20 years.  As strong supporters of recycled products and of the infrastructure industry, SIS are very proud to support initiatives such as this. Not only do these sorts of approaches minimise the negative environmental impact of plastic waste, but they also recognise the high quality and performability of plastic products in infrastructure settings.


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Combating Challenges Using FRP Composite Pedestrian Structures

When Working in Sensitive Environments, you Need a Sensible Approach

It is very easy to take the FRP boardwalks, FRP footbridges and FRP viewing platforms we tread upon on our weekend hikes for granted. The reality is, when creating infrastructure which allows people to enjoy the environment, there is a lot of attention to detail and careful consideration to be had.

There are unique challenges to putting together these sorts of pedestrian structures, particularly in natural environments.

  • How do you get the material to the location? Often there is no road access, and there may be rough terrain to navigate.
  • How do you ensure the work can be done safely in this kind of setting?
  • How do you ensure the structure will stand up to the harsh, natural environment?
  • How do you do all of this while also causing minimal damage to the natural surroundings?

This is where FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) comes in.

FRP Products are lightweight in comparison to traditional building materials, making their transport to challenging environments far more efficient and effective.

FRP Products can also be pre-fabricated and cut to size before being transported to the site, limiting the amount of more dangerous activity workers are engaging in when they are operating in these natural, hard to access terrains.

Additionally, the durability of FRP is second to none. It doesn’t corrode like steel, and it won’t rot like timber. It performs excellently in harsh environments.

Most importantly, the extensive life expectancy of our FRP products means that maintenance will be little to none – allowing the natural environment to remain largely undisturbed.

SIS are highly experienced in helping navigate the challenges of a projects in natural settings. Just take a look

SIS Supplying the Australian Defence Force (ADF) – Dunnage

SIS has proudly supplied the Australian Defence Force (ADF) a range of products recently including Solid Composite Plastic Transport Dunnage, Hollow Thick-Wall Light Weight Deployment Dunnage & FRP Antenna Shrouds. Having now obtained ‘Recognised Supply’ status with the Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN) we are working with the ADF on a broad range of projects initiating change from traditional materials to advanced composite plastics with better performance characteristics.

SIS – 2017 Outdoor Design Source

SIS are pleased to participate again in this years Outdoor Design Source Magazine – The latest edition of ODS is packed with everything needed to specify your next external works project! From planning and design, to water management, hard and soft landscaping, industry information, and more – ODS puts it all at your fingertips. Find SIS on page 254 of the hard copy or at:

Sustainable Trails Conference 2017 – FRP Walkways

SIS is proud to sponsor the 2017 Sustainable Trails Conference in Thredbo, NSW from the 1st – 4th May hosted by TRC Tourism. This setting is in Australia’s beautiful Snowy Mountains and the conference will explore many topics and hear from many experts on a range of topics including trends in trails use, planning, design and maintenance. Attendees are coming from far and wide including across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Nepal & Japan.

NSW Parks & Wildlife – Coastal Boardwalk

Over the past 4 years SIS has proudly been delivering high quality StructuralComp FRP boardwalk components to NSW Parks & Wildlife Service. The latest installation of 7000 metres of boardwalk forms part of a nature walk designed for humans to interact with the stunning coastal landscape with minimal impact on the world renowned flora and fauna of the region. Due to the remote location and general inaccessibility of the track, the products were delivered to site via multiple helicopter drops along the route.

SIS StructuralComp – FRP Beach Access Systems

Works have recently been completed on the first of two SIS StructuralComp FRP beach access structures for the City of Charles Sturt in metropolitan Adelaide, Australia. The first structure is now open for public use on the corner of Henley Beach Road and the Esplanade. SIS worked with Council from inception and carried out design, engineering and material manufacture to suit all stakeholders requirements. The dynamic design of this structure removes the somewhat utilitarian aesthetics of comparable FRP and timber offerings and presents a smooth, safe, flowing and attractive asset for those who use it for decades to come.

Project Review: FRP & WPC Viewing Platform

Back in 2010, our National Structures team was engaged by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (SA) to design and install a viewing platform on Kangaroo Island. This structure had demanding requirements – a global tourist attraction and a very unique spectacle – the daily ritual of feeding local pelicans. Given the iconic characteristics, the department required materials with unbeatable performance. Our structures team designed a platform with an FRP substructure and WPC platform surface. A virtually maintenance free viewing platform that will last a life time in the harsh marine environment of Southern Australia.

Composite Boardwalk & Bridges – NSW Parks & Wildlife, Hartley Historic Village

SIS has recently completed the design & construct of a SISCo-FC composite boardwalk and bridge structure for the Office of Environment & Heritage, NSW Parks & Wildlife. Named ‘The River Walk’, the boardwalk is 200 meters in length and follows along the bank of the River Lett at the Hartley Historic Site, near Lithgow in Australia’s stunning Blue Mountains. It is constructed from a combination of recycled wood plastic composite material, that allowed 16,800 kilograms of waste to be diverted from landfill along with high performance StructuralComp FRP. This state of the art material combination means that the boardwalk is mostly maintenance free and has a life expectancy beyond 70 years. The boardwalk is managed by the National Parks & Wildlife Service of NSW.