SISCO-FC FRP Fixings Supplied to Geoscience Australia, Macquarie Island – Sub Antarctic

SISCO-FC FRP Fixings for Geoscience Australia, Macquarie Island – Sub Antarctic


After rigorous sample testing, SIS have supplied Geoscience Australia in conjunction with the Australian Antarctic Division with a shipment of SISCo-FC FRP Fixings, that included large diameter threaded rod, hexagonal flanged nuts and accessories. Geoscience Australia has a magnetic observatory (making it mandatory that our materials were 100% non ferrous) on the island and undertakes seismological measurements and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency has a radionuclide station installed to detect nuclear explosions and the illegal release of toxic gases present into the atmosphere.


The Antarctic division’s website describes the station as an “important global monitoring location for scientific research, including monitoring southern hemisphere climatic data.”


Ecologist Melissa Houghton has been going to Macquarie Island since 2010 and continues work on projects there. “The contribution of Macquarie Island in terms of science is just enormous,” she said. “Macquarie Island is one of the world’s natural wonders, it is a magic place – people who have been down there are very passionate about it. “It’s raw. The place is literally a piece of the Earth’s crust thrust out of the ocean and you’ve got these giant petrels wheeling about like pterodactyls. It’s primordial. Every day is a tempest. You just feel so alive, so lucky.”

SIS Project Director, Luigi Rossi visits FiberCore Europe in Rotterdam

Last week SIS Project Director, Luigi Rossi visited FiberCore Europe in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Luigi spent a week studying the manufacturing process and working through a range of exciting upcoming projects for SIS in Oceania. Luigi is pictured with the founders of the patented InfraCore Technology, Simon de Jong and Jan Peeters – Global pioneers in composite fibre technology. InfraCore Technology is the backbone of all FiberCore FRP Composite Bridges.

4 SIS FiberCore Golf Bridges Installed in Australia

SIS & FiberCore Europe have just completed the fabrication, supply & installation of 4 FRP composite golf bridges within the Australian & New Zealand marketplace. An exciting time for #composites in infrastructure with product design life of 100 years. A very satisfied customer, The Castle Hill Country Club in Sydney, Australia – the video says it all! Excellence in Engineered Composite Bridges. 

SIS Visits Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands

SIS Visits Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands


Last week, our Director – Structures, Nick Wotton visited the Technical University of Delft in The Netherlands and met with Dr. Marko Pavlovic – Assistant Professor of Steel & Composite Structures – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. TU Delft is ranked 4th in the 2019 QS World Rankings in Civil Engineering and is a global leader in Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite engineering.


Nick was given a tour of one of the world’s most unique FRP Composite test facilities at TU Delft where they have developed the Hexapod. Weighing in at approximately 60 tonnes, it is also referred to as ‘The Beast’. The machine is multi-axial, which means it can move in six directions. The facility has vast experience in development and testing Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites and offers the World’s only dedicated course in FRP – Composites in Structural Engineering.


TU Delft’s laboratories have been involved in the development of a bio-resin FRP Composite bridge made out of flax and resins derived from plants. It is the first time this bio composite material has been used on this scale and is a giant leap forward to promote more eco-friendly construction materials. SIS technical professionals are working with TU Delft and FiberCore Europe to bring these technologies to the Oceania region as we move in to our next phase of manufacturing in Australia. 




FiberCore SIS 18m Clear Span Composite Bridge for The Municipality of Rotterdam

FiberCore SIS Bridge for The Municipality of Rotterdam

FiberCore Europe have recently manufactured and supplied an 18 metre clear-span, 5m wide FRP bridge to The Municipality of Rotterdam. This elegant prefabricated single element composite bridge is a wonderful addition to this vibrant city’s open space parklands and replaces an outdated and degrading structure.


All FiberCore SIS bridges require almost zero maintenance and will last at least 100 years. A smart, sustainable and advantageous choice by the Municipality. 

SIS Collaboration with University of Southern Queensland’s’ Centre for Future Materials – FiberCore® Infracore®

Members of SIS’ structures team along with representatives from FiberCore Europe have recently met with the University of Southern Queensland’s’ (USQ) Centre for Future Materials, who are one of the world’s leading authorities on FRP composite testing and engineering.


The Centre for Future Materials (CFM) has gained a reputation for pioneering research and development in engineered fibre composites. The Centre prioritises research and development in advanced composite manufacturing, functional materials, civil composites, and geopolymer.


Specialising in applied research with industry, CFM also operates a dedicated industry test service for more than 1000 business clients across multiple sectors both nationally and internationally. The testing services, in compliance with national and international standards, ranges from materials characterisation, polymer analysis, mechanical testing and large scale structural testing.


SIS has begun collaboration discussions with USQ and intend to engage the university to undertake performance testing of our technology in their facility as we continue the expansion of FiberCore® Infracore® technology into the Australian, New Zealand and Oceanic market.

SIS Hosts FiberCore Europe at the 9th Australian Small Bridges Conference

Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (Aust.) Pty Ltd last week hosted FiberCore Europe’s General Manager, Mr Jan Kroon and Dr. Martijn Veltkamp, Senior Design Engineer at the 9th Australian Small Bridges Conference on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Mr. Kroon & Dr. Veltkamp gave a presentation at the conference on their Infracore® patented FRP bridge technology exclusively distributed by SIS in Australia & New Zealand and also delivered an abstract on Eurocode and the Design, Manufacture and Installation of 62 Clear Span FRP Bridges to the City of Rotterdam (NL).


SIS Director of Structures Mr Nick Wotton and National Structures Manager Mr Josh Dolan also attended the conference, pointing out that being in the one location with over 300 engineers and designers was the perfect opportunity to discuss the FiberCore technology. SIS were also proud to be Silver Sponsors of the conference which hosted engineers from all over the world.


To learn more about the most advanced FRP bridge technology, contact SIS today.

SIS Fibre Reinforced Polymer FRP Bridges – Guidance for Designers

Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Bridges – Guidance for Designers – It has been a natural progression to consider #FRP in the construction of new bridges. Progress in the uptake of FRP for bridge engineering has been partly restricted by the lack of suitable design standards and guidance for the use of these materials to enable technically efficient and economic design.


Not anymore. Thanks to Composites UK – Trade Association a 156 page design guide was released late last year.


Through our FiberCore Europe partnership, we are bringing prefabricated single element large span bridges to the Australian and New Zealand market place, representing market leading technology able to achieve a design life of 100 years.


Click on the following link to download the design guide:

World Record 42m – Prefabricated FRP Bridge Delivered to Belgium

The longest prefabricated FRP composite bridge in the world manufactured by FiberCore Europe B.V. was recently delivered from their factory in Rotterdam to its final destination – Bruges in the Flemish region of Belgium, during the night on the Dutch and Flemish motorways.


With a length of 42 metres, the bridge is longer than an average Boeing 737!


The bridge has now been installed to replace the first old wooden ‘Canada Bridge’ on behalf of the Flemish Waterway NV and West Construct/BESIX. With a second bridge currently being manufactured, this demonstrates FiberCore’s innovative Infracore FRP bridge technology as accepted world leading technology.  

SIS – InfraCore FRP Deck on Motorway Bridge, The Netherlands

It is important in road infrastructure to deliver projects in a timely manner, so that the disruption to motorists is minimised.


Road bridges can be particularly problematic, due to their traditionally long construction time.


SIS – FiberCore® has addressed this problem with an innovative solution: pre-fabricated, lightweight bridges and bridge decks, which can be easily transferred to site and installed in a matter of hours.


This 142 meter long bridge over the Dutch A27 motorway was equipped with SIS – InfraCore® Inside technology – a fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) system. The entire bridge deck was made up of 7 pre-fabricated elements, which were manufactured off-site. The use of pre-fabricated FRP elements on the bridge meant that it was 3 x lighter than if concrete and steel had been used, and was installed in less than 48 hours.


Sustainable Infrastructure Systems are currently undertaking projects using FiberCore® bridges, which has offered current and future clients the ability to access this innovative technology. Not only does pre-fabrication reduce installation times, it also minimises on-site construction risk and provides more reliability in cost predictions. The use of InfraCore® FRP also means that the structures are lightweight, have a very long life span and are largely maintenance free.

SIS – Silver Sponsor of the 9th Australian Small Bridges Conference

SIS is proud to be hosting Mr Jan Kroon (General Manager, FiberCore Europe) and Dr Martijn Veltkamp (Senior Design Engineer, FiberCore Europe) at the 9th Australian Small Bridges Conference to be held at the Surfers Paradise Marriott, Queensland on 1st-2nd of April, 2019.


SIS is a Silver Sponsor of the event and Dr Veltkamp, along with Mr Nick Wotton, SIS Director – Structures, will be delivering a presentation at the conference on FRP single element large span bridges.


You can read more about and register to attend the Small Bridges Conference at

Case Study – Dubai Desert Golf Club – SIS FiberCore FRP Bridges

When the time came for the developers and designers of the brand new Dubai Desert Golf Club to select and specify the required bridges, they made the best choice currently available in the world today. Our maintenance-free, clear span single element FRP bridges offer an excellent alternative to traditional offerings such timber, steel or concrete. The reduced weight of our structures also limits the costs associated with transport and lifting and also presents cost savings in abutments and civil works.


It is no wonder that some of the 700 SIS FiberCore FRP bridges installed worldwide find themselves located on some of the top courses in the world, such as the Dubai Desert Golf Club.