Creative Pultrusions Introduces SUPERPILE® Legacy Dock Pile


The new product has been developed to meet the specific demands of current dock pile applications.   SUPERPILE® Legacy Dock Piles will not cause any chemical harm to the environment, nor will it rot or corrode in marine settings.   In addition, the product is lightweight, strong, easy to install and has a lifetime of 50+ years.   For all your piling needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at read more


SIS Launches FibreCore Europe's FRP Clear Span Composite Bridges From 2m to 30m in to Australia & New Zealand


Until now, lightweight large single span composite bridges have not been available to designers, architects, engineers and stakeholders in Australia & New Zealand. Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (SIS) is proud to introduce FiberCore Europe’s InfraCore® Inside technology. More than 700 InfraCore® bridges and bridge decks have been delivered in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, China and the USA. An important moment in the development of the company was the real scale research, which proved that the InfraCore® technology does not show any fatigue or any other structural failure for 100 years. The ability to pre fabricate bridge elements off-site can dramatically improve how projects are delivered. Ultimately, this method of construction provides significant benefits when it comes to maximising speed and safety and minimising disruption. The low weight of our InfraCore® elements and manufacturing off-site has some significant advantages.  

  1. The disruption to surrounding road or rail infrastructure can be heavily reduced;
  2. Safety risks associated with construction are redirected towards the manufacturing plant - being controlled environments there is much less that can go wrong, when it comes to safety;
  3. Production of elements off-site means projects are more predictable when it comes to costs;
  4. Reduction of labour necessary for constructing projects on site, which is a significant benefit when it comes to projects in congested or remote areas;
  5. Abutments and / or foundations required are approximately one third of that required for concrete and steel constructions;
  6. Construction speed will minimise building time and road closures. For construction work that is well prepared, our FRP bridges can be installed within one hour.
  To view FiberCore documentation please proceed to the downloads link in this website. read more


SIS Delivers FRP Solution for Brisbane City Councils’ Ivory Lane Bridge


After 12 months of material testing and certification, SIS has delivered an FRP decking product for Ivory Lane Walkway for the Brisbane City Council.   The project required unique FRP profiles which were not readily available on the market. SIS was able to overcome project challenges by manufacturing new tooling, enabling us to deliver on the specific needs of the client. This innovation demonstrates SIS' versatility and ability to adapt to the needs of our customers and their projects. With emergency vehicle loads being applied in addition to standard shared path loads, SIS started from scratch to deliver a product that was robust whilst being small enough to be retrofitted to the existing superstructure.   Brisbane City Council chose SIS' StructuralComp™ FRP SISCo-Deck over other offerings due to its high level of performance after a rigorous testing and certification process. Not only is FRP decking cost-effective for the stakeholder due to its superior design life, but it also minimises maintenance and the environmental impact that such projects may have.   Take a look at our range of FRP products here: read more


SIS Launches CoreSpan® - Co-Extruded Aluminium Wood Plastic Composite


SIS is pleased to launch CoreSpan®, our new range of co-extruded aluminium wood plastic composite profiles. Projects finished with CoreSpan® hybrid profiles exhibit the exceptional aesthetic qualities of natural wood, with superior durability. CoreSpan® represents the future of design through innovative material selection and manufacturing processes. Unlike natural timbers, CoreSpan® will never fade, warp, rot or generate splinters. CoreSpan® profiles are durable, dimensionally stable, remain perfectly straight and can be installed even under the most extreme climatic conditions. For more information, please view our CoreSpan® document here - read more