Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)


Fibreglass reinforced plastic (also known as fibreglass reinforced polymer) (FRP)  products are corrosion resistant to a broad range of chemicals. In many structural applications where timber rots and steel corrodes, FRP products will last indefinitely with little or no maintenance. The applications can be in environments where water (either salt water or fresh water) is present, such as civil infrastructure, water and sewage plants and coastal areas, or where corrosive chemical solutions and or vapours are present like in mining and chemical plants.


SIS traditionally has used FRP for the construction of civil infrastructure projects, predominantly being pedestrian structures typically boardwalks, bridges and viewing platforms. When used in pedestrian sub-structures FRP can create a structure that contains no timber or steel. SIS has also recently introduced world class FRP fixing methodology including studs, nuts and brackets ensuring a long lasting construction. FRP piles, bearers and joists are extremely strong and durable, yet light weight—requiring minimal equipment to install.


Co-Extruded Multi-Composite


SIS has also used our standard FRP composite to develop ground breaking technology in that we are combining two materials of different class composites to co-extrude the worlds first multi-composite material that is manufactured in a continuous length manufacturing process. This has a FRP hollow core of any shape and an outer layer of WPC. The hollow core can also be filled with foaming agents of different density to allow us to adhere to compressive strength requirements. Where corrosion is not so much of an issue, a steel core can be used to reduce cost. This new age multi-composite material has given SIS the ability to compete in a traditionally competitive market with a product that is stronger, lighter, more corrosive resistant and does not require the FRP member to be painted unlike other offerings in the Australian marketplace.


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